Mouse Study Supports Wellbody 365 for Immune Health


Adding WellBody 365 to the diets of mice reduced corticosterone levels and improved immune function markers.

Following last year’s launch of Wellbody 365, NutraGenesis LLC (Brattleboro, VT) is now publicizing the results of a recent mouse study on the immune health complex.

WellBody 365 is a combination product of Maitake 404 brand maitake (Grifola frondosa) extract and Sensoril brand standardized ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract.

The mouse study evaluated immune system factors of stressed and non-stressed subjects and concluded that corticosterone levels increased with applied stress while immune function decreased with applied stress.

With the addition of WellBody 365 to the diets of mice, corticosterone levels dropped and immune function markers-including phagocytosis and the cytokines IL-6 and IL12-improved.

Results of the study also suggest that the two ingredients in WellBody 365 provided better immune support than either ingredient individually.

“As a result of this research and previous clinical studies, WellBody 365 features compelling, substantiated structure/function claims in the areas of immune support and stress reduction,” said Nutragenesis president Suzanne McNeary.”

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