Mobilee Improves Joint Mobility, Reduces Pain in Meta-Analysis


The proprietary ingredient from Bioiberica combines hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other polysaccharides.

Daily supplementation of Mobilee may improve joint mobility and reduce pain, especially in men over 50 years of age, according to a new meta-analysis study announced by Bioiberica (Barcelona, Spain) at last week’s Vitafoods Europe 2015.

Mobilee, Bioiberica’s proprietary ingredient, contains a mixture of collagen, polysaccharides, and hyaluronic acid-a natural component found in joints that plays a “lubricating and protecting role,” according to the company. The ingredient was first launched in October 2013, says Alba Soler Conangla, corporate communications director, Bioiberica.

Researchers in Spain conducted the meta-analysis, which investigated the combined results of two previous double blind, randomized, controlled, parallel trials. In both trials used in the meta-analysis, participants aged 20-75 ingested either 80 mg per day of Mobilee or a placebo in a low-fat dairy product for three months. A combined total of 148 participants who reported suffering from mild knee pain were included in the analysis.

Participant joint health was evaluated through a test of peak torque, total work, and power mean in flexion and extension of the knee by isokinetic dynamometer Biodex 4. Synovial effusion, a possible sign of joint inflammation, was also evaluated with ultrasonography, and pain was assessed by the Visual Analogic Scale (VAS).

The researchers discovered that after 3 months, the experimental group showed improved total work in knee flexion, reduced synovial effusion, and a diminished perception of pain on the affected knee when compared with the placebo group. This held especially true of men older than 50, according to the researchers.

“These results confirm that if this functional ingredient is added to foods consumed on a daily basis, we will be supplementing our diet with steady amounts of hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, and collagen that will help maintain joint health,” says Daniel Martinez, study investigator and director of human health, research and development, Bioiberica.

Mobilee has GRAS status in the United States and is already being marketed in Spain in a finished milk drink product that is designed to protect the health of athlete’s joints, according to Bioiberica.


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Associate Editor
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