MGP Launches Optein


Hydrolyzed wheat protein ingredient targeted for used in muscle recovery formulations.

MGP Ingredients Inc. (Atchison, KS) has launched a new soy and whey protein alternative called Optein for post-workout muscle recovery formulations.The lightly hydrolyzed wheat protein boasts a content of more than 90% protein content and is rich in peptide-bonded glutamine.

In addition to boosting muscle recovery, the company says that Optein’s higher glutamine content prevents fatigue and “over-training syndrome” in athletes, promotes recovery in ill patients and replenishes glycogen in the body.

The product is not bitter, has a neutral pH, and is easily soluble in water, making it ideal for powdered drink mix, sports beverage, and smoothie formulations. When used in baked goods such as energy and meal replacement bars, Optein reduces mixing time and is a suitable replacement for L-cysteine.

Studies designed to substantiate Optein’s performance found the product to contain two times more glutamine than soy and whey. When it came to easing muscle soreness after exercise, the ingredient performed on par with soy and whey proteins.  

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