Metagenics Hosts Canada Workshop for Metabolic Syndrome


The live seminar provides FirstLine Therapy Certification.

On November 8 in Vancouver, Metagenics Inc. (Aliso Viejo, CA) will host a FirstLine Therapy Certification event. Healthcare practitioners and providers will take part in a workshop designed around this program for personalized lifestyle medicine, which is primarily targeting the management of metabolic syndrome.

Attendees will learn how to prescribe and personalize FirstLine Therapy programs for individuals. Experts will demonstrate how to conduct and interpret bioelectrical impedance analysis (BI) to monitor body composition, and how to teach patients behavior modification, including recommendations for nutrient-rich diets, exercise, and stress management.

The innovative FirstLine Therapy program also includes an array of branded nutrition products, including Metagenics' UltraMeal Plus 360, shown in a multicenter clinical trial to significantly improve conditions related to metabolic syndrome with the FirstLine Therapy food plan compared to the food plan alone.
To register, visit FirstLine Therapy.

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