Meriva Reduces Uveitis Symptoms in Yearlong Study


A new study shows a curcumin complex reduces eye pain symptoms in uveitis patients.

Curcumin treatment may provide relief to patients with recurrent anterior uveitis, according to new research published in the journal Clinical Ophthalmology.

Uveitis, or inflammation of the eye’s uvea, is an eye condition that can come with several symptoms, including impaired vision and eye pain. Italian researchers sought to determine if Meriva, a patented complex of curcumin and soy phosphatidylcholine, supplied by Indena S.p.A. (Milan, Italy) could reduce inflammation in 106 uveitis patients.

Patients who were diagnosed with the condition at least two years before the trial were and assigned to Norflo tablets (containing 600 mg of Meriva) twice daily for 12 months. Norflo is supplied by Eye Pharma Co. (Genoa, Italy).

Researchers measured the incidence of uveitis relapse in patients and found that only 18% experienced a relapse. Furthermore, more than 80% of patients reported reduced eye pain symptoms within a few weeks of treatment.

"This is the first large and controlled clinical study that demonstrates the efficacy of curcumin in eye relapsing diseases like anterior uveitis,” said Giovanni Appendino, scientific advisor for Indena. “It confirms the important anti-inflammatory activity of curcumin, and the same authors suggest that this could be useful also in other eye inflammatory and degenerative eye pathologies, like dry eye, maculopathy, glaucoma, allergic conjunctivitis, and diabetic retinopathy.”

The 12-month trial also supports the long-term safety of supplementing with Meriva. For more information on the ingredient, click here.

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