Market Report Highlights Green Packaging

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The Freedonia Group highlights leading trends in environmentally friendly packaging in its latest market report.

Environmentally friendly packaging continues to grow, with recycled, reusable, and degradable packaging being ways to increase product appeal to “green” consumers.

The U.S. demand for green packaging was estimated at $30 million in 2004, but a market research firm estimates that this number will rise over $41 million by 2014.

The Freedonia Group Inc. (Cleveland) has highlighted all of the trends in environmentally friendly packaging in its report titled, “Green Packaging.”

From 2004 to 2009, the green packaging sector has been led by degradable packaging, which made up a 16% annual increase during that period, according to the report.

More details on green packaging trends and the products involved is available in The Freedonia Group’s report.