Mambo Sprouts Survey Details Organic/Natural Consumer Trends

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The Mambo Sprouts Marketing 2011 Organic Consumer Survey Report highlights the buying habits of 1000 natural product consumers.

In its 2011 Organic Consumer Survey Report, Mambo Sprouts Marketing (Collingswood, NJ) highlights the buying habits of 1000 natural product consumers.

The bad news first: consumers appear increasingly wary of products labeled as “natural.” According to the survey, one in three consumers identified as “health and natural consumers” were “not very” or “not at all” confident about the current state of natural labeling. Two in three consumers expressed interest in a uniform standard for natural product certification.

Now, the good news: even though the “natural” label may concern consumers, an estimated 58% of consumers appear willing to pay a premium of up to 10% or more for natural certification.

Organics continue showing mainstream growth, according to the report, which suggests that 96% of all consumers are incorporating organics into their purchases. And stores are increasing their organic offerings: leading organic brands include Whole Foods 365 Organics (at 50% of the store’s product share) and Trader Joe’s (44%).

The Mambo Sprouts Marketing survey report will be available for purchase in January 2011.