LycoRed Offers Slow-Release Bone Health Formula


Lyc-O-Fem should answer concerns about fast-metabolizing genistein.

LycoRed (Beer Sheva, Israel) is now supplying the dietary supplement industry with Lyc-O-Fem, a slow-release bone health formula centered on genistein, a phytoestrogen associated with bone health improvements in clinical studies. The formula combines genistein from Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica), tomato lycopene, and vitamin D3.

The company says it launched the slow-release format because of growing concern that genistein is metabolized too quickly, often requiring a twice-daily administration of the supplement. “The slow-release technology in LycoRed’s preparation provides a continuous exposure, allowing once-a-day supplementation,” said the company in a recent press release.

Lyc-O-Fem can also serve as the basis for menopausal relief products, since genistein has demonstrated clinical promise in this area as well.

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