LycoRed Offers Carmine Alternative for Surimi


The company's bug-free colorant is derived from tomato lycopene.

LycoRed (Orange, NJ) says it can now provide a carmine alternative for surimi coloring. Derived from tomato lycopene, the natural red colorant provides “perfect stability” for surimi at production and throughout shelf life, says LycoRed.

Carmine is widely used for red coloring in foods and confectionery, but its insect source (the cochineal bug) is a turn-off to some consumers. Additional consumer disproval along of artificial coloring has left some manufacturers scrambling for bug-free red colorants.

LycoRed’s lycopene solution is both natural and vegetarian. Roee Nir, commercial manager for colors and flavors at LycoRed, says the colorant can even be blended with paprika and other colors for manufacturers seeking a different color shade.

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