Life Extension Targets Blood Glucose Control


The company’s new GlycemicPro Transglucosidase supplement limits the release of starch-origin sugars.

Life Extension has launched a new dietary supplement that protects against blood glucose surges by limiting the release of carbohydrates from starchy foods like breads and pasta. The key ingredient in GlycemicPro Transglucosidase is the enzyme Transglucosidase, which is derived from Asperegillus niger, and has been the subject of a number of published studies.

The product claims to convert dietary starch into a “beneficial indigestible prebiotic fiber,” effectively lowering the level of rapidly digested starch in carbohydrate-rich foods by 31%. It also claims to help maintain healthy cholesterol and insulin levels.

One capsule of GlycemicPro Transglucosidase taken with a starchy meal delivers 450,000 activity units of transglucosidase. The product, which is non-GMO and vegan-friendly, retails for $54 for a 60 count bottle.

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