Life Extension Launches GlycemicPro Transglucosidase


Enzyme formulation aid healthy blood sugar levels by limiting the release of sugar from carbohydrates.

Life Extension has launched a supplement targeted to reduce the level of rapidly digested starch in carbohydrate food items by 31% in humans. Enzyme-based GlycemicPro Transglucosidase is said to have the scientifically-proven ability to convert the starches found in bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice into prebiotic fiber within the digestive tract, which then aids in the maintenance of healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and insulin levels that are already in the normal range.

The enzyme transglucosidase is derived from Asperegillus niger.

One non-GMO GlycemicPro Transglucosidase capsule is to be taken at mealtime and delivers 450,000 transglucosidase activity units of transglucosidase. The product is sold in bottles of 60 vegetarian capsules and retails for $54. 

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