Leading Milk Boosts Calcium, Vitamin D with Formulation


Israel-based Tnuva says its Milk V product provides double the calcium of standard products.

Israel-based milk producer Tnuva has launched Milk V, a milk beverage which the company says has double the calcium of typical Israeli milk and added vitamin D.

Tnuva controls an estimated 72% of the Israeli milk market. Milk V provides 400 mg of calcium and 1.5 mcg of vitamin D using CapsuDar, a microencapsulation service of LycoRed Ltd. (Beer Sheva, Israel).

“LycoRed specializes in fortification solutions for dairy products,” says Udi Alroy, vice president of global marketing and sales at LycoRed. “Manufacturers can’t afford to risk negatively impacting taste or aroma when they fortify their products. Our fortification capabilities allow us to combine ingredients without cross-interaction, creating amore neutral flavor profile demanded by functional foods.”

Beyond sensory appeal, the company says that vitamin D’s risk of oxidation makes microencapsulation of the ingredient even more useful.

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