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Resveratrol Gum Pops Up on Shelves

Fluxome’s (Easton, PA) resveratrol is now part of a chewing gum called Heart Strong Gum, from Cheiron Holdings. As its name indicates, the product is touted for cardiovascular benefits, including reducing inflammation, according to Cheiron. Each piece of gum contains 40 mg resveratrol, which Cheiron says is equivalent to 40 glasses of red wine. Moreover, the brand touts chewing gum as a more bioavailable delivery system over pills. It says that in pill form, much of an active ingredient like resveratrol may not reach the bloodstream or can be quickly metabolized by the digestive tract and liver. By contrast, the company says on its website, “The resveratrol in the gum is absorbed directly into [the] bloodstream [through] glands under [the] tongue (just like nicotine gum or caffeine gum). This skips the effects of the digestive track, allowing a greater percentage of resveratrol to enter [the] bloodstream and stay there for a longer period of time.” To maintain resveratrol levels in the blood, the company recommends chewing a piece of gum “every few hours.”


Probiotic Muffins

The Uncle Wally’s muffin brand has launched a line of probiotic muffin tops called Smart Portion Muffin Tops, featuring probiotic ingredient GanedenBC30 from Ganeden Biotech (Cleveland). This is the first probiotic launch by the brand. Smart Portion Muffin Tops are described as being an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, and fiber, and offer omega-3s in the form of flaxseed. Three flavors are available: Cranberry Apple, Rich Double Chocolate, and Wild Blueberry. The product retails in the frozen foods aisle. GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulansGBI-30, 6086) is a unique probiotic strain and can ably handle extreme temperature changes such as baking and freezing, says Ganeden Biotech.


Immune-Health Bread

Metro Inc., one of Canada’s largest food store chains, has introduced a line of artisan breads that include immune-health beta-glucan ingredient Wellmune WGP from supplier Biothera (Eagan, MN). The new breads are part of the company’s Immuno Smart category, which in turn is part of the firm’s new Life Smart Irresistibles brand, a line of approximately 20 health-promoting products. Biothera’s president and CEO Rich Mueller, says, “Bread is an ideal food to ensure that everyone in the family can easily enjoy the daily immune health benefits of Wellmune WGP.” The bread is available in two choices, Whole Clove Garlic Petite Artisan Loaf or Sunflower Harvest Petite Artisan Loaf.


Prostate Optimizer

Jarrow Formulas has reformulated its Prostate Optimizer dietary supplement, which is designed to support prostate function and bladder health. The company has added Go-Less, an ingredient from Frutarom (Haifa, Israel) that is a proprietary blend of the unique pumpkin seed extract compound EFLA 940 as well as SoyLife soy germ isoflavones. Frutarom says that several human studies have shown that the combination of pumpkin seed extract and isoflavones derived from soy germ is effective in supporting bladder health.


Organic Energy Drink

Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy is being touted as the first organic energy drink on the U.S. market by its founder Scheckter’s Organic Beverages. Originally launched in the UK in 2011, the drink is now being distributed by retailers such as Whole Foods and Target. It is free of synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorants, and preservatives. Instead, it contains 135 mg organic caffeine, which the company says is 40% more caffeine than other energy drinks. The company uses extracts from organic raw coffee beans and organic guarana. Ginseng also helps to relieve stress, while organic green tea is said to help boost mental focus.


Mood-Enhancing Tea

Sun Chlorella USA, a distributor of chlorella and herbal products, has introduced Infuse Your Mood, a natural stress-relieving and mood-boosting tea made of 100% eleuthero (Eleutherococus senticosus). The company describes eleuthero as an adaptogenic herb that aids the body’s ability to react to stress. At the same time, the caffeine-free tea is said to be energizing as well, without making users feel anxious or jittery, and may provide cognitive benefits such as enhanced focus.


Fruit Plus Coffee

A new instant coffee, INO, combines fruit flavor and coffee. The brand describes it as “smooth and refreshing where regular coffee’s bitter aftertaste is now replaced with a stimulating and inspirational fruit taste.” At 9.5 cal/serving, the product, packaged in individual stick packs, is sugar free, made from organic fruit and coffee beans, and is available in flavors of Apple Coffee, Pineapple Coffee, and Strawberry Coffee.


Effervescent Multi

Vitalah, maker of the Oxylent effervescent multivitamin drink, is now offering its product in a seven-count box for on-the-go convenience. The product is also now formulated without sugar and with zero calories. The award-winning supplement is a blend of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids, and comes in three flavors: Sparkling Berries, Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate, and Sparkling Mandarin. The firm says that the effervescent format benefits absorption. Ingredients include superoxide dismutase, 1000 IU of vitamin D3, and ultra-absorption minerals from Albion (St. Clair Shores, MI).


Health-Conscious Candy

SuperCandy from Snap Infusion contains such health-promoting ingredients as B vitamins for energy; vitamins C and E for muscle and immune support; electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and phosphorus; and xylitol, a natural sugar substitute with clinically proven dental benefits, to boot. Additionally, the candy is formulated with beadlets that provide flavor in a unique sensory experience.

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