Last Word: Adulteration Quiz


You tested your herbal adulteration knowledge, now here are the answers. 


  • Which botanical extract, often used for men’s health, is at risk of being adulterated with cheaper plant oils such as palm, canola, and coconut oil? (Answer: D, Saw Palmetto)

  • Which botanical extract is at risk of being adulterated with peanut skin, posing an allergen risk to potential consumers? (Answer: B, Grape Seed Extract)

  • Due to its difficult supply chain, this fungi ingredient would benefit from high quality and cost-effective laboratory analysis to ensure identity. (Answer: E, Cordyceps)

  • Because of this ingredient’s characteristic color, unscrupulous suppliers will adulterate its supply with synthetic dyes. (Answer: A, Turmeric)

  • Due to its similarity to another herb called germander, this ingredient is at risk of being misidentified in the wild or deliberately misrepresented. This is particularly dangerous because consumption of germander can be toxic to the liver. (Answer: C, Blue skullcap)
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