Landkind announces preliminary results of clinical study of pure salidroside ingredient on exercise performance


Following time-to-exhaustion interval tests, the salidroside product was associated with significantly higher percentage of oxygen uptake during work intervals, compared to placebo.

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Landkind (Lexington, MA), a subsidiary of Double Rainbow Biosciences, has announced the preliminary results of its ISTO clinical study investigating the effects of its LK-01 Pure Salidroside on exercise performance, mood state, and blood markers. According to the press release, Double Rainbow was the first to achieve commercial scale biosynthesis of pure, non-GMO salidroside, which is a naturally-occurring compound found in Rhodiola rosea plants. The study was conducted in partnership with the Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport at the University of South Alabama. In the study, 50 male and female subjects between the ages of 18 and 35 years were given either placebo or LK-01 Pure Salidroside daily, performing time-to-exhaustion interval tests thirty minutes after consumptions. These tests were performed at an intensity equivalent to each participant’s peak oxygen consumption rate, and the percentage of peak oxygen uptake obtained during each interview was measured.

According to Landkind, results showed that compared to placebo, subjects taking LK-01 were able to reach significantly higher percentage of oxygen uptake during work intervals, and because the product was consumed shortly before performing these tests, the researchers attribute these results to an acute effect the product has on oxygen uptake kinetics. Researchers also measured LK-01’s effect on mood state with Profile of Mood States (POMS) tests. These tests showed that supplementation with LK-01 demonstrated significant effects on the Fatigue-Inertia subscale, with no observed change, compared to placebo which saw a significant increase in fatigue-inertia from baseline to final testing.

"The ISTO study results are a significant milestone for Landkind and LK-01," said Cavan Farley, senior vice president, Global Business Groups at Double Rainbow Biosciences and president of Landkind, in a press release. "For the first time, consumers can access pure, sustainable biosynthetic salidroside with full confidence that it is backed by industry-leading science and proven results. At Landkind, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for safety, efficacy, and purity, which is why we are committed to conducting thorough clinical evaluations with respected academic and industry partners. We’re thrilled to release the results of this study that reveal the efficacy and benefits of LK-01 Pure Salidroside and look forward to continuing to deliver its benefits to consumers.”

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