Lactic Acid Ingredient Improves Anthocyanin Color Stability


A study reveals that Purac FIT Plus can reduce the fading of anthocyanins in foods and beverages.

Purac (Lincolnshire, IL) reports that its FIT Plus lactic acid ingredient can maintain anthocyanin colors in acidified foods and drinks. A company study found the ingredient to be up to 50% more effective than citric acid in maintaining these colors, especially when products are exposed to light.

FIT Plus is traditionally used for acidification and for flavor masking of high-intensity sweeteners, but a potential to support natural color performance brings added value. The use of natural colors in foods and beverages has increased dramatically in recent years, but many of these colors are prone to fading under factors such as pH, temperature, oxidation, light, and the presence of sugar.

Anthocyanins provide natural sources of reds, blues, and purples. These compounds are derived from black currant, purple carrot, purple corn, and other plant foods.

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