L-Carnitine and Lifestyle Improvements May Encourage Weight Loss


Results of a Lonza study strengthen the case for L-carnitine and weight management.

Overweight but otherwise healthy humans may experience weight loss if lifestyle changes are made in combination with L-carnitine supplementation.

A new study by ingredient supplier Lonza Ltd. (Basel, Switzerland) found that subjects who consumed its Carnipure L-carnitine, while attending lifestyle training sessions, experienced greater weight loss and triglyceride reductions than placebo users and even L-carnitine users who didn’t attend lifestyle training. Over four weeks, 24 subjects consumed 500 mg of Carnipure or placebo.

Previous studies have revealed increased fat oxidation with L-carnitine supplementation, and this is believed to be the amino acid’s key mechanism for supporting weight loss. While weight loss only occurred with the Carnipure group receiving lifestyle training, both Carnipure groups did maintain lower triglyceride levels than placebo users with and without lifestyle training.

The study on L-carnitine and weight loss is published in the journal Food and Nutrition Sciences.

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