Krill Supplier Rimfrost Brands Sustainability Initiative


The company has officially trademarked its sustainability program under the name Eco-Collecting.

Krill supplier Rimfrost (Fosnavag, Norway) says that its krill-harvesting and –catching practices have been ecologically driven since the get go. Now, the company has officially trademarked this sustainability program under the name Eco-Collecting.

According to the company, its Eco-Collecting practices include “cutting-edge” technology onboard its Juvel krill-catching vessel, which aims for low emissions, low energy use, and low climate impact. Juvel uses acoustic sonar technology to precisely locate krill, which in turn shortens trawl times. It also allows for more-precise catching practices, the company says. “Only small quantities are needed, and collection only occurs for immediate processing and therefore no krill gets spoiled and goes to waste,” it says. Additionally, the company says it hosts research expeditions to the Antarctic every year to study the effects of krill catching on the ecosystem.

The company is Friend of the Sea certified. It says it follows strict guidelines for krill fisheries in the Antarctic waters. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) sets these guidelines. The organization monitors how much krill is caught in the Antarctic.

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