Kentucky Will Get Its Hemp Seeds


The DEA could release Kentucky's hemp imports as early as this week.

Before the DEA returns seized, imported hemp seeds to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentucky must file a controlled-substance import permit. The Lexington Herald-Leader now reports that Kentucky submitted this permit on Tuesday and is one step closer to beginning its industrial hemp research.

At a court hearing last week, Kentucky told the DEA it would comply with a permit only if allowed to partner with local, private hemp growers as well. It sounds as though the DEA will allow for such a partnership as long as the individual growers submit background checks and disclose the locations of their farms. More particulars of the court hearing can be read at the Lexington Herald-Leader, which continues to report on the case in detail.

Another condition for Kentucky to proceed with hemp research is that state agriculture officials will be given the opportunity to test field samples for THC levels. Until recently, hemp was outlawed on U.S. grounds because of its similarity to marijuana-a plant of the same species but with much higher levels of THC.

With Kentucky going through this ordeal to get its seeds, there is wonder as to how other states will get through their own business without trouble. Fortunately, USDA secretary Tom Vilsack is already addressing the issue of how state hemp laws can coexist with federal ones.


Robby Gardner

Associate Editor

Nutritional Outlook magazine

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