Kemin Offering Clean Label Cereal Preservative

Published on: 

The company's rosemary preservative is now available for use in cereals and cereal bars.

Kemin Health LC (Herentals, Belgium) now offers Fortium R20, a natural shelf life extender for cereal and cereal bar manufacturers in Europe.

Fortium R20 is a natural rosemary preservative from the company's vertically integrated manufacturing and development of rosemary products. The ingredient has demonstrated the ability to increase oxidative stability and improve food sensory qualities in cereals and other foods, including meat and poultry, snacks, and confectionery.

"Cereals tend to have higher lipid content, making them more susceptible to lipid oxidation," says Kemin. "Lipid oxidation contributes to a decrease in the nutritional value and sensory quality of food, which often results in decreased shelf life."

For more on this clean label, natural preservative, visit Kemin.