Kemin Enters Personal Care Market


The company is now launching into the personal care market with the creation of a new division, Kemin Personal Care.

Kemin Industries, a bioscience company operating in the health and nutrition sphere, is now launching into the personal care market with the creation of a new division, Kemin Personal Care.

The company says it will utilize its expertise in plant science to develop natural, plant-based functional and active ingredients for cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and body care.

The new division is led by Kerty Levy, formerly the worldwide vice president of Kemin Industries. Levy says the decision to launch into the beauty market was in response to rising consumer demand for natural personal care products.

“For years, Kemin scientists have been extracting plant bioactives from rosemary and marigold flowers for use in food and health supplements,” Levy says. “These same products, when formulated, provide a highly effective alternative to the synthetic ingredients used in many personal care products today.”

The company says its functional ingredient line of plant bioactives is formulated specifically to improve the texture, stability, performance, and delivery of personal care products. Ingredients now part of the personal care portfolio include:

  • Speramox: a natural antioxidant extracted from spearmint leaves that helps maintain color stability of both natural and synthetic colors, as well as to prevent the oxidative degradation of fats and oils.

  • Rosamox: a natural antioxidant from a proprietary rosemary extract that prevents oxidative degradation of fats and oils.

  • LysoFix: a natural emulsifier extracted from soybeans that keeps oil and water in emulsion.

Finally, the company also offers Kemin’s flagship FloraGLO lutein, a natural antioxidant derived from marigold extract that helps increase skin hydration, lipid content, and elasticity, while decreasing skin lipid peroxidation and enhancing photo-protective activity.

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