Jabuticaba Fruit Juice Ingredient from NP Nutra

NP Nutra supplies a new superfruit.

NP Nutra (Gardena, CA) now supplies jabuticaba fruit juice powder as part of its extensive line of South American superfruits.

Available in a fine pinkish powder, the Brazilian jabuticaba is intended for use in products such as juices, candy, flavored yogurt, supplements, and functional foods. Its flavor is reminiscent of grape, blackcurrant, mangosteen, guava, and lychee. Jabuticaba’s nutritional benefits include significant amounts of vitamin C and fiber, and a unique antioxidant compound called jaboticabin.

NP Nutra says that while jabuticaba is one of Brazil’s most popular fruits, its highly perishable nature makes it hard to find in outside markets.