Introducing Monk Fruit in the Raw


The marketer of Sugar in the Raw is testing out monk fruit.

Cumberland Packing Corp., best known for marketing Sweet’N Low and Sugar in the Raw, has introduced its first monk fruit tabletop sweetener: Monk Fruit in the Raw.

Fresh off the beginning of a national rollout, the new tabletop sweetener is sourced from Chinese luo han guo (commonly known as monk fruit), a vine fruit said to be 250 times as sweet as table sugar. Cumberland is marketing its monk fruit tabletop sweetener for consumers who want to cut back on sugar and diabetics in need of sugar substitutes.

“Monk Fruit in The Raw is amazingly versatile and easy to use in cooking and baking,” said Cumberland Packing Corp. CEO Steven Eisenstadt. “We think it will greatly appeal to people who want to cut calories naturally, without compromising on taste.”

In contrast with other monk fruit sweeteners on the market, Monk Fruit in the Raw is marketed as a pure monk fruit sweetener without the addition of table sugar, sugar alcohols, or molasses. Dextrose is added to the product as a bulking agent.

Cumberland’s line of alternative sweeteners also includes Stevia in the Raw and Agave in the Raw. The suggested retail price for 40 single-serve Monk Fruit in the Raw packets is $3.49.

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