Innovative softgel targets dry eye discomfort


New supplement is designed to support eye health and reduce dry eye discomfort

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Catalent Pharma Solutions (Somerset, NJ) has partnered with Anklam Extrakt GmbH (Aklam, Germany) to develop an innovative softgel formula for people who suffer from dry eye discomfort. The final product, called OPTIBRIGHT, is a unique blend of 30 mg MaquiBright maqui berry extract and 450 mg of omega-3 fish oil, utilizing Catalent’s softgel formulation and encapsulation technology.

The product tackles dry eye discomfort from two fronts: tear production and overall eye health. The maqui berry extract is intended for the support of natural tear production, while the omega-3 fish oil in the product supports the structure and function of the eyes. With a daily dose of one to two capsules per day, this may be a convenient solution for consumers, reducing the need to use eye drops.

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