Ingredion launches clean label emulsifier derived from chickpeas


Ingredion has launched a new clean label emulsifier called Evanesse CB6194. 


Image courtesy of Ingredion

Ingredion (Westchester, IL) has launched a new clean label emulsifier called Evanesse CB6194. A vegan chickpea broth, Evanesse CB6194 is ideal for a number of applications, including egg replacement in low and high-fat vegan products such as spreadable, spoonable, and pourable dressing, mayonnaise, and aioili, as well as white cooking sauces, and ready meal applications. The chickpea broth is a type of aquafaba, which is a thick liquid derived from soaking or cooking legumes for an extended period of time, providing unique emulsification properties.

“Until now, clean label emulsifiers have been difficult to come by, making it a challenge for some food manufacturers to achieve their clean label goals,” said Patrick O’Brien, Ingredion’s regional platform lead for Clean and Simple Ingredients in the U.S. and Canada, in a press release. “Evanesse CB6194 clean label emulsifier enables manufacturers to deliver clean label products with the in-demand claims consumers want, without compromising the taste and texture they expect.”

Not only is chickpea a recognizable ingredient people trust, but the emulsifier was designed to support appealing front-of-package claims, such as “natural,” “all-natural,” “no additives,” and “no artificial ingredients.” According to Ingredion, Evanesse CB6194 can exhibit excellent emulsion shelf life stability when paired with a functional native starch, such as the firm’s Novation functional native starches

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