Industry Experts Symposium (Summer 2023)


Event Overview:

Looking for natural, proven solutions to support nutraceutical customers’ biggest health concerns? Nutritional Outlook’s Summer 2023 Industry Experts Symposium spotlights some of the natural product market’s biggest health targets, trends, and the ingredients designed to meet consumer and formulator needs. Listen to experts and company representatives discuss their latest leading condition-specific ingredients, and learn about what makes these ingredients promising, effective solutions for your next product.

Key Learning Objectives:

•Get an overview of what’s driving condition-specific nutraceutical markets
•Learn about ingredients leaders in today’s nutraceutical categories
•Get a detailed look at the science substantiating some of the industry’s leading condition-specific ingredients

Who Should Attend:
•General Management
•Product Development
•Marketing / Creative

Today's Agenda

10am PDT Emerging Nutraceutical Trends-How to Work with Your Contract Manufacturer to Create the Products Consumers Want
Adam Ishaq, Sales Manager, GMP Laboratories of America, Inc.

10:30am PDT Live Q&A with Adam Ishaq
10:45am PDT Brief Coffee Break

11:00am PDT The Definitive Answer for Beauty from Within
Angie Rimel, Marketing Communications Manager, North America, Gelita
Ginger Waller, Manager or Technical Services- Edible Applications, Gelita

When it launched in 2012, VERISOL® electrified the beauty from within the market. Backed by clinical trials demonstrating visible benefits for wrinkles, skin elasticity, cellulite, nail health, and hair thickness, it supports skin health and beauty from the inside out. And the secret of its success? GELITA’s patented Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, are optimized to stimulate the production of dermal collagen and all other extracellular matrix proteins. Now, thanks to the latest innovation in the portfolio, VERISOL® based beauty gummy supplements are possible and easy. VERISOL® HST, a specific version of VERISOL®, has been specially developed for gummy applications enabling the daily dose of VERISOL® to be delivered in just three gummies.
11:30am PDT Live Q&A with Angie Rimel and Ginger Waller

11:45pm PDT Brief Coffee Break

12:00pm PDT Immune Health Evolution with EpiCor Postbiotic
Justin Green, Director of Scientific Affairs, Cargill, Inc.

With interest in immunity at an all-time high, ‘biotic products are taking center stage. Within this category you will find postbiotics, an ingredient that has gained traction on the heels of the definition and scope published by the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) in May 2021.

This presentation will start with a review of the consensus definition while showcasing how the members of the ‘biotic family compare. It will then deep-dive into EpiCor postbiotic, an offering clinically shown to support immune health. Derived from fermentation, tested for safety and efficacy, and backed by over a dozen published studies, EpiCor offers the formulation flexibility brands need, with the beneficial property's consumers want.

12:30pm PDT Q&A with Dr. Justin Green

12:45 PDT Brief Coffee Break

1:00pm PDT Eye Health: A Clear PerspectiveShaheen Majeed, CEO, BGG Americas
Eye health continues to be an area of great interest, both in research and for consumers. This presentation will look at three clinically proven ingredients that can bring both diversity to eye health formulations and a robust offering for consumers. We’ll explore ingredients such as Astaxanthin (AstaZine®), Lutein (AbsoLutein®), and Bilberry (MyrtiPRO®).

1:30pm PDT Q&A with Shaheen Majeed, CEO, BGG Americas

1:45pm PDT Session closes

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