Independent study of topical CBD product demonstrates its ability to penetrate epidermis, reach sensory receptors


Silvidiol, a topical CBD in a liposomal carrier, was shown in dermal penetration testing to penetrate epidermis without further systemic exposure and reach sensory receptors, providing localized support for pain and inflammation. 


Image courtesy of Leading Edge Pharms, Inc. 

Leading Edge Pharms, Inc. (LEP; Henderson, NV), which manufactures Cannavera, a line of topical CBD pain relief products, has announced the results of a study led by Tioga Research that indicates that its proprietary cannabidiol (CBD)-based topical pain relief and anti-inflammatory agent, Silvidiol, can effectively permeate the epidermis, allowing it to reach somatic and neuropathic sensory receptors below the surface of the skin. Silvidiol is carried in phospholipid-based liposomal carriers, and in dermal penetration testing, researchers used CBD carried in dimethylsulfoxide as a positive control. Dimethylsulfoxide is a widely used and effective carrier of chemicals through the skin to the dermis.

The results showed that a majority of the CBD in Silvidiol was delivered in the epidermis and the epidermal/dermal junction, where neuropathic nerve endings reside, making it the location of most efficacy. While the Silvidiol delivered 10-fold less CBD compared to the positive control, it did not have the same potential for systemic exposure, making it a more localized solution to areas where pain may be occurring, says the company.

“The independent study conducted by StemNext and Tioga Research support LEP research that indicate Cannavera topical products containing Silvidiol are non-systemic and pose limited interaction potential with orally administered OTC. The study also demonstrated Silvidiol’s ability to penetrate the outer skin layers and remain bioavailable in the epidermis for 24 hours, making it amenable to point of care therapeutics,” said David Chadwick, CEO of Leading Edge Pharms, in a press release. “These results are extremely positive and have led us to strengthen our resolve to continue with research and clinical studies in support of our mission to provide natural, safe and effective topical products to those suffering from acute and chronic periods of pain and inflammation.”

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