Improving Meat Stability, Texture, and Yield with Pea Fiber


Swelite pea fiber aids in ground meat product shape retention.

Compressed meat and poultry products such as meatballs, patties, and nuggets often rely on filler products to maintain stability and texture during the processing phase. Non-GMO Swelite pea fiber, from A&B Ingredients (Fairfield, NJ), is an effective stabilizer and texturizer, from the processing phase through to cooking, and also has innate water-binding properties that improve meat product juiciness.

Derived from yellow peas, Swelite is a protein source that contains dietary fiber and starch. Gil Bakal, A&B Ingredients managing director, said the product forms a matrix when added to ground meat, which helps the product retain its original shape. A “meat extender,” Swelite also extends the yield of ground meat.

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