Imagindairy announces independent conclusion of GRAS for its animal-free dairy protein


The company combines precision fermentation with a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform to manufacture animal-free dairy protein.

Image courtesy of Imagindairy

Image courtesy of Imagindairy

The Israel-based startup, Imagindairy, has announced an independent conclusion of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for its animal-free dairy protein manufactured using precision fermentation. The company explains in a press release that it combines precision fermentation with a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform, integrating advanced computational biology and molecular biology technologies that enable Imagindairy to mass produce at costs that line up with traditional dairy. This makes mass-market adoption of its products a feasible reality, explains Imagindairy. The GRAS status is pivitol for the commercialization of the company’s animal-free dairy protein because it allows for its inclusion in foods and beverages such as milk, cream cheese, and yogurt.

The company also announced the opening of its new and improved headquarters in Haifa, Israel that has been custom-designed to support the company’s next phase of growth. This includes state-of-the-art laboratories for research and development, a test kitchen, as well as a fully operational pilot line so that Imagindairy can test production in conditions similar to those of large-scale fermentation processes.

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