Humic Acid Improves Flu Symptoms in Flu Season Study


Results of a recent study on humic acid and flu symptoms in 37 patients.

Laub BioChemicals Corp. (Newport Beach, CA), a manufacturer and supplier of humic acid, has released the results of a recent study on humic acid and flu symptoms in 37 patients with influenza A or B.

In the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted during the spring 2010 flu season, patients were assigned to 1.5 g of a proprietary humic acid or placebo daily for two weeks.

The company reports that, after two weeks, humic acid improved flu-related symptoms, cytokine response, immune system modulator T-cells CD4+ and CD8+ and Visual Analog Scale (VAS) scores. The humic acid group also experienced an average 107% improvement of flu symptoms after two weeks.

VAS scores in the placebo group showed a 76% improvement in the same time period.

“Humic acid is a byproduct of the biodegradation of composted organic matter and is an important organic component of soil, many upland streams, dystrophic lakes and ocean water,” said Laub BioChemicals Corp. “Researchers have observed that humic acid blocks viral replication by impeding the adhesion of viruses to healthy cells, which helps prevent subsequent infection. Previous scientific research has also shown that humic acid exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.”

The humic acid trial was managed by the Canadian clinical research group KGK Synergize (London, ON).

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