Human clinical study demonstrates increased free curcumin levels of up to 172 folds for Ennature Biopharma’s turmeric ingredient


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When compared to a conventional turmeric extract standardized to 95%, Maxicuma® delivered a substantial increase in the uptake of free curcumin, the most bio- active component of whole turmeric.

Ennature Biopharma, a division of India Glycols Ltd, has shared the publication in the journal of Current Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine, on its branded ingredient Maxicuma®, a proprietary water dispersible turmeric extract containing 40% curcuminoids with superior pharmacokinetic characteristics.

“This study is pivotal since this validates the benefits of our LIMAN technology platform. Curcumin is well known for its poor absorption, but it also exhibits other challenges of instability and degradation to inactive conjugates like glucuronides and sulfates, in the physiological conditions. These metabolites, being water soluble, are bound to get eliminated quickly from the body. Hence, it is important to preserve the most bio-active form of curcumin in its free form (unmetabolized) for better efficacy” – said JB Kandpal PhD, Head of Research & Innovation at Ennature Biopharma.

Study Details

It is an open label, two-treatment, two period, single dose, two group cross over study with 14 healthy subjects under fasting conditions. Subjects received 1500mg of Maxicuma® or standardised extract of curcumin 95%, and blood samples were collected periodically throughout the day post ingestion.

The concentrations of Curcumin, Desmethoxycurcumin and Bisdemethoxycurcumin were analysed in their free form (unmetabolized) that renders the desired therapeutic benefit and their respective inactive metabolites separately.

According to JB Kandpal, the authors have concluded that the blood plasma concentration of free curcumin was 172 folds more than the conventional extract, with prolonged half-life. This makes the ingredient suitable for a one-a-day dosing regimen, with the lowest dose of curcumin.

Further he stated that, a robust RCT with 180 subjects for joint health, with ultra-low dose of Maxicuma® (100-250 mg) is well under progress, with anticipated outcomes by end of September. The ingredient is GRAS certified and with its excellent organoleptic profile, suited for a wide range of application formats.


Bioavailability Study of Maxicuma Capsules Versus Micronized Curcumin Capsules as A Single Oral Dose in Fasted Healthy Adult Human Subjects (

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