How Genomic Advancements Are Fueling Innovation in Nutraceuticals



Wednesday, February 16, 2022, at 2pm EST Are you ready to take advantage of the latest advances in genomic technologies? Join Invivo Biosystems to learn how genetic regulation data can help you develop new applications and differentiate your product with IP and marketing claims.

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Event Overview:

Scientific advances are allowing nutraceutical companies to develop more effective products to meet growing demand for improving wellness. Many cutting-edge nutraceutical ingredient suppliers are using modern genomics to differentiate their product offerings and guide them to new markets.

Join InVivo Biosystems, an expert in genetics, and Faraaz Jamal, CEO of Mikra, to hear:

  1. How genetic regulation data is transforming preclinical and clinical studies, leading to innovative new market strategies
  2. How recent advances in scientific technology are making the information on all genes available through “Omics” techniques, delivering scientific proof and evidence for ingredients at the molecular and cellular level
  3. How genome regulation data can help branded ingredient developers substantiate their product claims, file IP patents, find new product applications, and more

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to effectively identify genetic signatures associated with health concerns such as immunity, inflammation, brain health, and gut health
  • Learn how to gain fundamental insight into the effects and mechanism of action of nutraceuticals
  • Learn how to test whether a natural product induces upregulation or downregulation of key genes

Who Should Attend:

  • Research-based ingredient manufacturers or suppliers
  • R&D personnel looking for scientifically backed ingredients
  • General Management
  • Product Development & Innovation
  • Marketing


Chris Hopkins, PhD
Invivo Biosystems Inc.

Dr. Chris Hopkins is a PhD scientist and entrepreneur with a deep background in genetics, molecular biology, and animal model transgenics. Dr. Hopkins is becoming a leading voice in bringing scientific rigor to ingredient and formulation testing. As Chief Science Officer, he leads the team at InVivo Biosystems as they find efficient interpretations of genomic data for response to natural compound exposure. Dr. Hopkins is eager to help nutraceutical clients find greater depths of scientific evidence that they can use to support their structure-function claims.

Kat McCormick, PhD
VP of Product
Invivo Biosystems Inc.

With a deep background in cellular neuroscience, Dr. McCormick is passionate about bringing scientific innovations and evidence to the natural product market. As the VP of Product for InVivo Biosystems, she knows that genomics can build scientific insights and drive real business value for their nutraceutical clients. She loves to help new clients learn, grow, and find success as they launch new products and ingredients in the wellness space.

Faraaz Jamal
Founder & CEO
Mikra Cellular Sciences

Faraaz Jamal has over 15 years of experience formulating data-driven strategies spanning e-commerce, marketing, and supply chain management within health and wellness, functional supplements and nootropics. Mr. Jamal was previously responsible for the strategic reorientation of health and wellness trailblazer Bulletproof 360 Inc. where he was able to guide development and rapidly scale multiple channels and product categories to successful revenues. As a futurist and critical thinker, Mr. Jamal has forged a unique path in his current and previous roles, developing exceptional teams of performance marketers, brand managers, R&D specialists and e-commerce experts that expand the relationship between brands and consumers. Currently, Mr. Jamal is CEO & Founder of Mikra, Cellular Sciences Inc. a wellness startup on a mission to increase your healthspan through novel cellular therapeutics and consumer wellness innovations. Prior to Mikra, Mr. Jamal had experience with major brands such as Under Armour and Intiveo, leading teams of data-driven specialists across North America and Europe, driving business results through data, MarTech, and innovation.

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