Higher-Protein Greek-Style Smoothies? New Whey Ingredient Makes It Possible


Nutrilac YO-8075 can achieve a smoothie protein content of up to 7.5%.

A new whey ingredient creates high-protein smoothies per today’s trend: Greek-style. Arla Foods Ingredients (Viby J, Denmark) describes Nutrilac YO-8075 as a natural whey protein derived from cow’s milk that can be used to create fat-free smoothies comprising 50% Greek yogurt and 50% fruit, for a total protein content as high as 7.5%. This is higher than typical smoothie protein content, which the company says usually hits around 1%.

Citing growing demand for Greek yogurt and high protein, “This means there is a significant opportunity in the marketplace to offer next-generation smoothies that are also very high in protein,” said Torben Jensen, category manager, functional dairy proteins, in a press release.

On a sustainability note, Nutrilac YO-8075 generates zero acid way, a byproduct typical of standard Greek yogurt–making. Instead, Nutrilac YO-8075 creates high yields without waste and can be processed on existing machinery.


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine


Photo © iStockphoto.com/og-vision

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