Health Canada Approves Ingredion Prebiotic Fiber


NutraFlora is a prebiotic fiber derived from cane sugar and other non-GMO ingredients.

Health Canada has approved Ingredion Inc.’s (Westchester, IL) NutraFlora prebiotic fiber as a dietary fiber source. The agency’s decision is part of a larger initiative to approve novel fibers as dietary fiber sources for Canadians.

NutraFlora is a prebiotic fiber derived from a fermentation process involving cane sugar. Ingredion says the resulting short-chain fructooligosaccharides from NutraFlora can improve calcium absorption, digestive health, and immune health. Other benefits linked to this type of prebiotic fiber include flavor enhancement, fat replacement properties, and improved mouthfeel in certain food and beverage applications.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition and approval by Health Canada, which will immediately enable us to better support our Canadian customers to develop healthier, fiber-rich alternative,” says Rob Kee, Ingredion vice president and managing director for Canada. “We commend our customers and the industry as a whole for coming together in support of the expanded Canadian fiber definition, and look forward to future food product innovations with NutraFlora.”

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