Health Canada Approves 10 More Ingredients for Natural Health Products


Previously, the ingredients were only available by prescription.

In December, Health Canada announced it has reclassified 10 naturally sourced ingredients to make them eligible for inclusion in natural health products. Previously, the ingredients were only available by prescription. Now that the ingredients have been reclassified, they are eligible for authorization under Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations.

The newly approved ingredients include those listed below.

  • oil of apiol

  • Centella asiatica

  • deanol and its salts

  • theobromine and its salts

  • dopamine and its salts

  • gold and its salts

  • uracil and its salts

  • dimethyl sulfoxide

  • levocarnitine

  • l-tryptophan

Parliamentary Secretary of Health Colin Carrie said in a statement, “Our government recognizes that Canadians want to be able to choose from a wide range of safe and effective health products, and manufacturers want to meet that need. With this change the number and variety of available natural health products will continue to grow, and consumers can continue to have confidence in the authorized products they choose.”

Nutritional Outlook thanks the American Herbal Products Association for the tip.

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