Halal-Certified Phosphatidylserine


Enzymotec's SharpPS phosphatidylsrine is now certified Halal.

Looking for a cognitive ingredient certified Halal? Enzymotec’s (Morristown, NJ) phosphatidylserine (PS) ingredient has just been deemed Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council for America (IFANCA). The “Crescent M Halal” logo is now available on Enzymotec products.

Enzymotec’s PS ingredient is branded as SharpPS.

“Phosphatidylserine has a crucial contribution to the structure and function of the nerve cells, and as suggested by its high abundance in the brain, has a crucial role in the maintenance of nerve cell function, such as neurotransmission of specialized chemicals, signal propagation and more,” says the company. “PS is the only cognitive bioactive ingredient that has been granted with a qualified health claim by the FDA, related to cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly.”

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