Green-Lipped Mussel Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammatory Bacteria


Results of a clinical trial on green-lipped mussel extract from Aroma New Zealand.

Green-lipped mussel extract may be more effective than glucosamine in improving joint health, says a new study published in Inflammopharmacology.

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia assigned 38 knee osteoarthritis sufferers to 3000 mg of glucosamine sulphate or green-lipped mussel extract daily for 12 weeks. Aroma NZ (Christchurch, New Zealand) provided its GlycOmega PLUS green-lipped mussel extract for the study.

Compared to glucosamine, the green-lipped mussel extract resulted in better WOMAC and Lequesne pain scores, and a reduced use of painkillers during the study. Fecal microbial analysis indicated that both treatments improved bacteria profiles of the gut towards a less-inflammatory state.

In light of positive results Aroma NZ has witnessed with its branded ingredient, the company says it intends to apply for a joint health claim in the EU.

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