Ginger extract from OmniActive Health Technologies may help manage occasional constipation


A recent study found that a standardized ginger extract called Gingever from OmniActive Health Technologies may help manage occasional constipation.

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A recent study1 found that a standardized ginger extract (Gingever from OmniActive Health Technologies) may help manage occasional constipation. In the study, sixty adults with occasional constipation were randomized to receive 280 mg of the ginger extract or placebo once nightly after dinner for eight weeks. Researchers determined the change in outcomes associated with occasional constipation with measures that included the Patient Assessment of Constipation Symptoms (PAC-SYM), Patient Assessment of Constipation Quality of Life (PAC-QoL), stool consistency using Bristol Stool Scale, stool frequency using subject diary, gut immunity and inflammatory biomarkers, fecal microbiota composition and short chain fatty acids.

Results showed that compared to placebo, subjects taking the ginger extract experienced significant improvements in PAC-SYM and PAC-QoL scores on says 28 and 56, as well as stool frequency on days 14, 28, and 56. They also saw improvements in inflammatory markers, specifically improvements in levels of Secretory Immunoglobulin A (SIgA), a marker of gut immunity on day 56. After eight weeks, subjects in the ginger group also saw a significant relative abundance of bacteria from phyla, Patescibacteria, genera Weisella, Enterococcus, Pseudomonas, Eubacterium coprostanoligenes and significantly reduced relative abundance of genera Megamonas and Catenibacterium. These changes were not observed in the placebo group.

"Ginger is well-known to alleviate nausea, and more recently, its rich gingerol and shogoal content has also been linked to supporting other aspects of digestive health, including gastric emptying and flatulence,” said Deshanie Rai, PhD, FACN, vice president of global scientific, and regulatory affairs at OmniActive, in a press release. “Our recent study highlights the potential of our Gingever ingredient in helping individuals with occasional constipation and digestive health discomfort. Gingever is uniquely positioned for those looking to manage occasional constipation issues through natural plant-based extracts.”


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