Ganeden Study Says Probiotic Helps Protein Absorption


In a human crossover trial, GanedenBC30 consumed with protein helped subjects absorb higher amounts of 23 amino acids.

Ganeden Biotech (Cleveland) reports that its GanedenBC30 probiotic strain has the ability to increase absorption of amino acids from protein consumption.

A recent study on the patented bacteria strain saw better absorption of 23 amino acids when subjects consumed GanedenBC30 and protein compared to protein alone. Greater absorption was seen with notable amino acids, such as leucine (23%), isoleucine (20%), valine (7%), glutamine (116%), ornithine (100%), tryptophan (100%), and citrulline (128%).

If GanedenBC30 can boost amino acid absorption, there is good reason for manufacturers to consider adding the probiotic to protein supplements-especially plant proteins that may be lacking in certain amino acids.

Ganeden vice president of business development Mike Bush says the company has known about the ingredient’s potential to boost protein absorption-a 2010 study in the journal Beneficial Microbes found it increased metabolism of milk protein the gut-but the new findings on specialized amino acids could bring added value to the ingredient’s potential for use in muscle growth and recovery protein formulas.

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