Fytexia sharing new research on satiety weight-management ingredient at SupplySide West


Fytexia will introduce new data at SupplySide West 2018 on its weight-management satiety ingredient DNF-10. 

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Fytexia (Verdres, France) will introduce new data at SupplySide West 2018 on its weight-management satiety ingredient DNF-10. A selection of peptides from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Brewer’s yeast), DNF-10 has been clinically proven for weight management by enhancing satiety and reducing food intake. In a press release, Fytexia explains that DNF-10 regulates mediators of satiety by lowering the hypothalamic expression of neuropeptide Y and downregulating the hunger-promoter ghrelin. Over the long term, the release states, DNF-10 also modulated the secretion of leptin, which is a satiety hormone secreted by fat cells. 

There are currently four published clinical studies on a total of 135 subjects that support these claims. The most recent study was published in 2017 by Preventative Nutrition and Food Science1. This particular study tested the ingredients’ ability at a low dose of 500 mg/day. In that study, 30 obese women were randomly assigned to receive either DNF-10 or placebo for eight weeks. Results showed that following those eight weeks, the women taking DNF-10 lost a significant amount of body weight compared to baseline and showed a significant reduction in calorie intake. By comparison, the control group wanted to each much more food, thought about food more often, and also showed a slight increase in preference for sweets, while the DNF-10 group showed a significant reduction in cravings for sweetness.

DNF-10 is water soluble and heat resistant, with a recommended dose of 500 mg/day for formulating dietary supplements and functional foods, says the company.


1. Jung EY et al. “Low dose yeast hydrolysate in treatment of obesity and weight loss.” Preventative Nutrition and Food Science, vol. 22, no 1 (2017): 45-49

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