Functional Seasoning May Reduce Carb Absorption


Pharmachem has devised a new delivery system for its Phase 2 Carb Controller that can be added to foods.

Building on the concept of functional foods, Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. (Kearny, NJ) is launching a functional seasoning product called DietSpice that is intended to help people lose weight. Pharmachem claims consumers can sprinkle the seasoning on meals for a reduced carbohydrate absorption effect.

DietSpice is essentially a new delivery method for an established Pharmachem product, Phase 2 Carb Controller, a white kidney bean extract that has shown results at delaying the digestion and absorption of carbs in human clinical trials, according to Pharmachem. By incorporating Phase 2 into a functional seasoning that can be combined with foods, Pharmachem believes consumers will be even more enticed to use the product.

“There are many people who balk at swallowing more pills to derive health benefits or specific objectives, and for those who want the benefits of reduced carbohydrate absorption, DietSpice was formulated to provide that benefit in a more wholesomely appealing way,” says Mitch Skop, senior director, new product development, Pharmachem.

“Because of its versatility, we think our manufacturing customers will readily see the marketing advantages of this new delivery system for Phase 2,” says Skop. “It’s also a concept that is so easy for consumers to understand: use the tasty seasoning in their foods, and the seasonings will immediately start going to work. Plus, there is definitely a ‘yum’ factor, which of course is a priority for consumers.”

This “yum factor” comes from the many different flavors of DietSpice that are available, including Italian, Asian, Butter & Spice, and Cinnamon Sweetener. Pharmachem says DietSpice is appropriate for a range of packaging options, including individual “stickpacks,” boxes of assorted flavors, and actual incorporation into frozen foods.

Pharmachem also subjected Phase 2 to third-party evaluations by sensory tester Tragon Corp. (Redwood Shores, CA), which concluded that the ingredient itself “does not affect the taste or texture of foods in which it was added, including baked goods,” says the press release.

“DietSpice has been formulated to be a tasty, easy-to-use enhancement for foods so that consumers are indeed taking the supplement concurrently with meals,” says Skop.


Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook magazine


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