Frutarom’s Fenugreek Ingredient Aids Acid Reflux, Says Study


FenuLife may be a safe alternative to pharmaceutical acid-reflux and heartburn medications.

A new clinical trial indicates that FenuLife, a fenugreek ingredient from Frutarom Inc. (North Bergen, NJ) aimed at improving blood-glucose response, may also be a safe alternative to pharmaceutical acid-reflux and heartburn medications.

The two-week clinical trial was published in Phytotherapy Research and was conducted by DiSilvestro et al. Forty-five subjects suffering from heartburn an average of three to eight times per week were randomized to take FenuLife (four 500-mg capsules taken twice daily), placebo (four starch capsules taken twice daily), or an OTC control group (taking 75 mg of ranitidine antacid twice daily).

At the end of the study, the FenuLife and antacid groups showed significant improvements compared to baseline.

FenuLife is a galactomannan ingredient produced from deodorized fenugreek and containing more than 75% soluble fiber. It has been shown to reduce both the frequency and severity of acid reflux and heartburn. Because of its unique molecular structure, FenuLife resists enzymatic degradation in the stomach, maintaining its therapeutic properties.

The company says that FenuLife exhibits a three-pronged mechanism in fighting heartburn and acid reflux. First, it provides an antireflux effect that prevents the viscous mass from seeping back up the esophagus to the throat (reflux). The second is an antisecretory effect to inhibit excessive acid production in the stomach. Finally, it has an antiulcer effect via galactomannans, which form a gel-like layer on the surface of the stomach wall, acting as a barrier against corrosive HCl, pepsin, and food components.

“The results clearly suggest that naturally derived FenuLife is a safe and effective alternative with comparable benefits to pharmaceutical acid reflux/heartburn medications,” says Laurent Leduc, the company’s vice president, health division and marketing.

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