Frutarom Expands Production of Red Microalgae


Frutarom's Alguard production plant is now yielding 30% more product.

Frutarom Ltd. (Haifa, Israel) reports that its microalgae production plant is now capable of producing up to 10 tons of purified microalgae for skin health cosmetics each year. That's a 30% production increase from before.

Located in the Negev Desert, the plant is used for the production of Alguard, a red algae that Frutarom says acts as a "skin-active shield." Here's more from a recent Frutarom press release:


Alguard has unique physical and bioactive properties that allow it to create a structured, homogenous, protective mesh that adheres to the skin surface. Similar to its protective effects on the algae, it protects the skin from oxidative stress as well as inflammation and prevents skin irritation. It also protects skin immune cells from ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation and prevents adhesion of bacteria to the skin. Alguard’s benefit is immediately visible by its lifting of the skin surface. It can reduce wrinkle length and depth, as well as minimize skin roughness by about 20%, within 30 minutes of the first application.


The company is also touting Alguard as an environmentally sustainable cosmetic ingredient because it doesn't use natural water resources (it's grown in artificial seawater) and the algae captures carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into oxygen.

Alguard is a water-soluble cosmetic ingredient. It can be used in face creams and lotions targeting overall skin care, antiaging, and even acne care.

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