FrieslandCampina to Host Monumental Dairy Study


The company will collaborate with Southeast Asia research institutions in a dairy study on 16,000 children.

FrieslandCampina (Amersfoort, the Netherlands), a global supplier of dairy ingredients, has announced the launch of a Southeast Asia nutritional study on dairy consumption in children 12 years old and under.

Over 16,000 children from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam are expected to participate in the study.

A research and development team from FrieslandCampina will partner with four local nutritional institutes-Persautuan Ahli Gizi Indonesia, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Mahidol University in Thailand, and Vietnam’s National Institute of Nutrition-Vien Ding Duong-to compile and analyze data.

Researchers will conduct dietary profiling and nutrient intake assessments; blood analyses for iron status, vitamin levels, lipid profiles, and blood pressure; and assessments of body composition and physical activity.

“We understand that each local market has specific nutritional needs based on unique requirements and this upcoming nutritional study will allow us to achieve an in-depth understanding so as to better serve the local communities,” said Jan Willem Kivits, marketing director at the FrieslandCampina Consumer Products International business group. “Through this study, we also intend to be able to better inform consumers and encourage them to improve their nutrition and lead more healthy lives.”

“The extensive scale and rigor of FrieslandCampina’s nutrition study has not been seen in recent years. Taking an evidence-based approach to nutrition, the study will allow parents, governments and nutrition professionals to gain in-depth understanding into the needs and patterns of children’s nutrition today,” added associate professor Poh Bee Koon of the University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

FrieslandCampina dairy ingredients are already featured in Southeast Asian dairy brands, including Dutch Lady (Malaysia and Vietnam), Frisian Flag (Indonesia), and Foremost (Thailand).

Study results are expected by the first quarter of 2012.

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