Fluxome Hires New CEO

The company named former Martek vice president Angela Tsetsis as its new CEO.

Fluxome A/S (Stenløse, Denmark) has named Angela Tsetsis as the company’s new CEO. The former vice president of Martek Biosciences (Columbia, MD) hopes to lead Fluxome to the top of the global resveratrol market.

“I am ready to take Fluxome to the next level and utilize the massive potential of one of the most promising and innovative companies in the nutraceutical ingredient industry,” said Tsetsis. “I  am confident that Fluxome can become the leading company in the resveratrol market and a key player in the nutraceutical industry over time.”

Fluxome’s fermentation-produced natural resveratrol is reported to exceed purity levels of 98% trans-resveratrol and be completely free of heavy metals and pesticide residues. The company also offers a yeast-derived beta glucan and polyunsaturated fatty acids.