Flavorchem Introduces Mint Flavors


With a little innovation, Flavorchem provides mint flavor sensations ranging from subtle and herbaceous notes to intense menthol cooling.

Thanks to a partnership with mint growers, Flavorchem Corp. (Downers Grove, IL) now supplies an astounding variety of mint flavors. The company’s portfolio includes peppermint and spearmint oils.

Mint flavors are useful in beverages, such as teas and spirits, but they can also complement flavors in food products, confectionery, and dietary supplements. While some mint flavors can impart subtle herbaceous notes, others push forward with the intense and lingering cooling of menthol. The diversity of options is a direct result of Flavorchem’s desire to meet a variety of manufacturer requests.

In an interview with Nutritional Outlook, Flavorchem marketing manager Ed McIntosh said that most of the company’s mint flavors are sourced from farm-grown mint in the Pacific Northwest. The remaining mint stocks come from India.

Mint is a known source of vitamins and minerals and still other nutrients that can be obtained through consumption of the raw leaf or its oil.

Robby Gardner
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook magazine


Photo by ©iStockphoto.com/lenta

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