Fenugreek extract may support muscle strength, endurance, and lean body mass, says new study


Gencor reports that a new study that has been submitted for publication found that its proprietary fenugreek extract, Testofen, increased strength, endurance, and lean body mass is healthy, active males. 


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A new unpublished study shows that Gencor’s (Irvine, CA) proprietary fenugreek extract (Testofen) increases strength, aerobic endurance, and lean body mass in healthy, active men. The double-blind, randomized, dose response, eight-week clinical trial was conducted at RDC Global with 138 healthy, non-smoking male subjects, and examined changes in lean body mass, fat mass, upper and lower body muscular strength, and endurance. Results showed that the extract acted in a dose-response manner, with 600 mg per day of Testofen in conjunction with an effective exercise routine demonstrating superior positive effects when compared to placebo, or 300 mg of Testofen per day.

“These significant and positive results show that Testofen may be an effective ergogenic aid for those wanting to rapidly improve their exercise performance and body composition above and beyond exercise training only,” said Chase Shryoc, vice president of sales and business development for Gencor, in a press release. “We are thrilled about the results of this study and look forward to incorporating Testofen into its next sports nutrition product.”

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