FDA Approves Sixth High-Intensity Sweetener: Advantame


Advantame is deemed safe for use as a tabletop sweetener and a flavor additive for all foods, except meat and poultry.

FDA has granted food-additive approval to Advantame, a high-intensity sweetener from Ajinomoto Co., the agency announced today. Advantame is the sixth high-intensity sweetener to gain FDA food-additive approval.

The other five high-intensity sweeteners with FDA approval are:

  • Neotame (Brand name Newtame. Approved in 2002.)

  • Saccharin (Brand names include Sweet‘N Low)

  • Aspartame (Brand names include Equal. Approved in 1981.)

  • Ace-K (Brand names include Sweet One. Approved in 1988.)

  • Sucralose (Brand name: Splenda. Approved in 1998.)

Advantame is deemed safe for use as a tabletop sweetener and a flavor additive for all foods, except meat and poultry, FDA says. Advantame can be used in baked goods; non-alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks; chewing gum; confectionery; frozen desserts; and syrups; among others. Advantame can enhance the flavor of dairy, fruit, citrus, and mint and “can be used to extend the chew time in chewing gum and improve and enhance the flavor profile of many confections,” says Ajinomoto’s website.

The company adds that Advantame is cost-effective, as it can be used at low levels and has a low price. Plus, the firm says, Advantame can be used to flavor-mask “off” notes of other alternative sweeteners, including stevia, sucralose, and ace-K.

Advantame is derived from aspartame and vanillin and is similar to neotame. It is said have 20,000 times the sweetening potency of sucrose. It is described as a “free-flowing, water soluble, white crystalline powder that is stable even at higher temperatures.”

FDA looked at animal and human data from 37 studies, including four human clinical trials, in its safety review.

FDA’s final rule on Advantame will soon be published in the Federal Register, after which the agency will collect any submitted objections within 30 days.

FDA must preapprove food additives. Before approving a food additive, the agency evaluates the food additive’s projected dietary exposure to humans and its safety and toxicological data.

Ajinomoto’s initial food-additive petition for Advantame was published in the Federal Register on July 21, 2009. Advantame is already approved as a sweeter in Australia and New Zealand, and its approval is also being considered in the EU.

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