Expo West Sneak Peak: Whey for Clear Beverages

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Hilmar's novel whey protein also lowers the astringency of acidic beverages.

Protein is an essential dietary component and sufficient intake is crucial for a healthy body. Consumers are increasingly aware of protein’s benefits, recognizing the important role protein plays in helping manage hunger, sustain energy, and maintain muscle, bones and joints. Hilmar Ingredients’ whey proteins are a balanced source of protein, delivering both high quality nutrition and enhanced functionality to great tasting, popular foods and beverages.

At Engredea, the company is sampling a fortified lemon iced tea and a protein energy shot made with Hilmar 9420, a whey protein isolate designed to be clear in liquids and reduce astringency in acidic beverages. Also offered is a chocolate weight management shake using Hilmar 9400, a whey protein isolate designed to withstand thermal processing and provide maximum protein and clean flavor with almost no fat or carbohydrates.

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