Expo West Sneak Peak: Ribose


Bioenergy Life Science develops new prototypes for formulating with ribose.

Engredea attendees will have the opportunity to sample the “Sweet Taste of Innovation” in Bioenergy Life Science Inc.’s new prototypes made with Bioenergy Ribose. Samples will include granola bars (with chocolate and cream cheese drizzle), protein balls, and fruit snack chews, all containing patented Bioenergy Ribose. Our Ribose Formulation Center helps clients identify new opportunities to incorporate ribose into their products.

Bioenergy Life Sciences says that its ingredient is clinically proven to accelerate recovery time, reduce muscle soreness, and limit the onset or severity of fatigue. Ribose is the most critical component of ATP, the source of cellular energy. Our bodies make ribose naturally, but the body’s demand is often greater than its supply.

Bioenergy Life Science Inc.

Booth #216

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